Changes at Sardis — One of the 7 Churches of Revelation

In October 2021 we led a group of 30 trekkers Following in the Footsteps of Paul to Turkey and Greece. Along the way, we noticed a number of interesting changes and in the next few posts I will share some of them.

We noticed that at Sardis, and a few other sites in Turkey, the “authorities” were adding better amenities for the visitors. For example at Sardis, they had removed the ticket booths and the primitive restroom facilities. These upgrades will add to the visitors’ experience. [congratulations to the “Turkish Authorities”]

One of them was at the Synagogue of Sardis.

The large 4th-6th century Synagogue at Sardis.

At Sardis a major change (upgrade?) is that the “authorities” are going to place a permanent roof over the Synagogue.

The Palestra (exercise area) of Sardis.

The framework for the roof of the synagogue in the Palestra.
On the right, the walls of the Synagogue with the supporting posts in place to receive the new roof of the Synagogue.

I am not certain if this change is “good.” But I assume that it will help preserve the important synagogue remains from the “elements.”

If you would like to explore the possibility of joining our 18-day Following in the Footsteps of Paul: Turkey, Greece, and Patmos (May 15–June 1, 2022), you are invited to contact me for details at


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