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Pictures of Acts — And a Short Survey

Our friend, Todd Bolen, has released the latest in his ongoing series A Photo Companion to the Bible — ActsIt consists of 28 PowerPoints—one for each chapter of the book of Acts.  Over 4,000 photos.  Right now it is available for $60 off normal price.

In addition, my friend, Wayne Stiles, is putting together a video series to help pilgrims better prepare for a Holy Land tour. If you have been to Israel before, will you give your advice by answering a few quick questions? Thanks in advance for your help! Click here: http://bit.ly/israel-tour-questions

Three Christmas Videos

Wayne Stiles today launches three videos related to the birth of Jesus Christ.  Wayne filmed them on location in Israel.  The photography is great and Stiles is a master of linking the Land and the Bible to the Christian Life!

Each video is about 15 minutes in length.  Click Here for the first free, no obligation video.  Be sure to scroll down to see the content of the three videos.  Enjoy!

The three-part series is called, “The Promise that Changed the World.”

The prophecies and preparation for the Incarnation
The birth of Jesus and the announcement to shepherds
The aftermath of His birth, including the Magi and Herod’s rage

New Teaching/Devotional Series

Today (Thursday 19 April) is the last day to register for @WayneStiles’ new website where you can experience virtual tours to Bible lands! Learn more: http://www.walkingthebiblelands.com

Wayne Stiles has initiated a new on–line series of teaching/devotional videos.  The first of three, dealing with “Passion Week” is now available.  Each is about 15 minutes long.

Wayne’s expertise and exegetical skills in relating the Bible and the Land to everyday life are second to none!  The content of the videos is excellent, and they are well–produced and the photography (in the land of the Bible) is splendid!

Church of Holy Sepulchre — Animated in 3D!


Pilgrims at the traditional site of Calvary
inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Click on Image to Enlarge

Wayne Stiles has drawn our attention to a great 14 minute computer animated video of the history of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher/Resurrection entitled “Holy Sepulchre 3D Journey back in time.”   This video is very well done and traces the history of the building and the site on which it rests from the present day back to the days of Jesus—first century A.D.

Many of the items in the video helped clarify things that I had known but was now able to visualize.  I was particularly fascinated to see representations of the church including the tombs of the Crusader Kings that were removed after the fire of 1808.

This video is without verbal explanation but is clearly labeled.  I found myself pausing it very frequently to take in the data that is wonderfully presented on the screen.

Wayne Stiles posts very informative/useful blog entries three times a week.

To view 78! High Resolution images of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and commentary Click Here.