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The Pool of Siloam to be Excavated

In the summer of 2004 Eli Shukrun, Ronny Reich, and John Seligman, who were checking the area southeast of the traditional “Pool of Siloam” for a public works project, discovered a pool that they date to the first centuries B.C. and A.D.  In all probability it is the “Pool of Siloam” mentioned in John 9:7—to which Jesus sent a blind man to wash a mud mixture from his eyes.This pool is also mentioned in Rabbinic sources in connection with the water rituals associated with the Feast of Tabernacles— in the fall of the year.

The northeast corner of the Pool of Siloam that is currently exposed.

Since its discovery, only the northeast portion of the pool was excavated and available for visitors (see additional images below). In December 2022 it was announced that the (whole?) southern portion of the pool would be excavated and be made available to visitors.

“The Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel National Parks Authority, and the City of David Foundation are pleased to announce the commencement of the excavation of the historic Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem.”

In light of the above, I thought I would share a few images of the property that will be excavated.

View of the western section of the property to be excavated as of January 2023.
View, looking south, at the eastern portion of the property to be excavated as of January 2023.

The current entrance to the visitors’ center is the white structure on the left edge of the image. Note the fencing around the area to be excavated.

According to estimates, the Pool of Siloam went through multiple stages of development, and at the height of its glory, was approximately the size of 5 dunams (1¼ acres), and inlaid with impressive flagstones. For the first time in modern history, the excavation by the IAA will enable the complete exposure of the Pool of Siloam, within the context of an official archeological excavation. In the first stage, visitors will be able to observe the archaeological excavations, and in the coming months the Pool of Siloam will be opened for tourist access, as part of a route that will begin at the southernmost point of the City of David and culminate at the footsteps of the Western Wall.

The location of the Pool of Siloam in New Testament/Second Temple Jerusalem.
An artist’s illustration of what the Pool may have looked like.

For additional images and commentary see Here.


History of “Palestine/Eretz Yisrael” in Old Photographs!

I have spent over 15 years of my adult life in Israel but have always found it tricky to keep track of all the twists and turns of the history of the people of the land during the “modern period.”

Over the past few months I have followed a web site called “Israel’s History – a Picture a Day” and have found it a very enjoyable “bite size” way of learning the history of the land during this complex period.

The site has assembled old photos from the Library of Congress (USA) on a whole host of topics along with their descriptive commentary.  This I appreciate(!) for there is no way that I could take time to sort through all the photos in the Library of Congress and think about their significance.

IMHO these folk have provided a very valuable source of visual and textual information on the interaction of the Turks, Arabs, Brits, and Jews (etc.) in the Land!