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A Photo Resource for 2 Samuel

Todd Bolen recently released another volume in his series Photo Companion to the Bible. This time for Second Samuel. It contains 2,900 slides that illustrate the book, chapter by chapter. They are in PowerPoint format and contain ancient sites, artifacts, and cultural scenes. In addition, there is very useful descriptive commentary on each photo as well as interpretative graphics on some of them.

This “volume” will be useful for instruction as well as for personal Bible Study. Highly recommended!

It is on sale for a limited time for $39.00. Click HERE for details.

Israel’s 67th Birthday — Daily Life In Israel!

As many of you know, I am focused on the relationship of the relationship of geography, archaeology, and culture to the biblical text.

Many think of Israel as totally under siege and filled with terror incidents and wars BUT you are invited to take 5 minutes to flip through 67 spectacular images of the reality of Life in Israel presented by Israel21c.org (See upper left of the images for a description of what you are looking at).  A few samples below.

History of “Palestine/Eretz Yisrael” in Old Photographs!

I have spent over 15 years of my adult life in Israel but have always found it tricky to keep track of all the twists and turns of the history of the people of the land during the “modern period.”

Over the past few months I have followed a web site called “Israel’s History – a Picture a Day” and have found it a very enjoyable “bite size” way of learning the history of the land during this complex period.

The site has assembled old photos from the Library of Congress (USA) on a whole host of topics along with their descriptive commentary.  This I appreciate(!) for there is no way that I could take time to sort through all the photos in the Library of Congress and think about their significance.

IMHO these folk have provided a very valuable source of visual and textual information on the interaction of the Turks, Arabs, Brits, and Jews (etc.) in the Land!