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More Wadis/Nahals After the Rains

On January 10 we visited Tel Sheva (biblical Beersheba).  Here are some contrasting views of the Nahal Beersheba after 4 days of rain.

Nahal Beersheba-1

Nahal Beersheba on 10 January 2013 after 4 Days of Rain


Nahal Beersheba Under “normal” Conditions


Nahal Sekher South of Beersheba on 10 January 2013


Valley of Elah after the Rains

Jerusalem in the snow has received a lot of press recently, but it is also “fun” to see the wadis/nahals fill up after a rain storm.  On Wednesday 9 January we visited the Valley of Elah, where David fought Goliath (1 Samuel 17), after 3 days of rain.

Elah Valley-1

Valley of Elah after Three Days of Rain — 9 January 2013


Valley of Elah under “normal” conditions – March