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Siloam Inscription from Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Because of the clarity of this photo, I thought I would post it again.  Click on image to Enlarge and/or Download.  Enjoy!

On a trip to Turkey I was able to rephotograph the Siloam Inscription from Hezekiah’s Tunnel in Jerusalem.  In the past I have found it difficult to photograph because of the glass cover over it and difficult lighting conditions.  This time I think my photograph turned out quite well and by clicking on the image you can actually read many of the letters.

The Siloam Inscription — Click on Image to Enlarge/Download

The Siloam Inscription — Click on Image to Enlarge/Download

This six line Hebrew inscription describes the digging of Hezekiah’s Tunnel that joins the Gihon Spring and the Pool of Siloam in the ancient city of Jerusalem.  It was found carved into the wall of the tunnel.

In was found in 1880 and was chiseled out of its original place and is now on display on the second/third floor of the “Archaeological Museum” in Istanbul.  It’s language, script, and content suggest that it was inscribed in the late eighth century during the reign of the Judean king Hezekiah (715–686 B.C.; see 2 Kings 20:20; 2 Chron 32:20).

For a translation of this text see pages 171-172 in Arnold, Bill T., and Beyer, Bryan E. eds.  Readings from the Ancient Near East: Primary Sources for Old Testament Study.  Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2001.  Click Here  to view for purchase from amazon.com.

A Geographer’s Paradise — PEF and 1:50,000 Maps of Israel/Palestine On Line!

The best set of maps representing Palestine in the second half of the nineteenth century are those drawn by Britain’s Palestine Exploration Fund.  For years I have coveted a complete set, and reproductions just don’t do it!  Now the maps are available, free on the web!

Click On Image to Enlarge
PEF 1880 Map of the Bethlehem Area
Can you locate Bethlehem, Beit Sahur (= Shepherds’ Field, the Herodium, Artas, Solomon’s Pools?

My geographer’s prayer has been answered and the maps are available on-line for FREE!  And, they have been “stitched” together and are as clear as the originals—which in a few cases are difficult to read.  So Click, don’t run, to view and use them.

In addition this site has posted, again stitched together, the 1:50,000 maps of Israel!!

Click On Image to Enlarge
1:50,000 Map of the Bethlehem Area — Identical in Coverage to the PEF Map Above

Back in the 1970’s we needed special clearance to get a hold of these maps—and now they are on-line!  These maps are in Hebrew, but are usable for those with a little knowledge of the script.

To top it off, there are numerous(!) notations on each of the above maps.  Now we can use these maps from the comfort of our studies—instead of spending hours running off to far away libraries and/or museums to view them!

The site even offers Apps for your iPad or iPhone so you can use the maps in the field.  Oh my!!