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Biblical People Confirmed Archaeologically — A Very Useful Tool!

The folk over at Bible History Daily have placed on line a very useful listing: “53 People in the [Hebrew] Bible Confirmed Archaeologically.”  This not only lists their names and relevant biblical passages, but also has a short article on each of the 53 along with where the relevant extra–biblical texts and pictures can be found! This is a very useful listing  for it can be very time consuming to try to find this information elsewhere!!

See a sample entry below.

I have included a photo of the object referred to in the second paragraph of the “Black Obelisk (6 1/2 ft.. high) panel portraying Jehu, the Israelite king, bowing down in submission to Shalmaneser III (from Calah/Nimrund in Iraq)”

Jehu, the Israelite king, bowing in submission Shalmaneser III. From the British Museum.

14. Jehu, king, r. 842/841–815/814, 1 Kings 19:16, etc., in inscriptions of Shalmaneser III. In these, “son” means nothing more than that he is the successor, in this instance, of Omri (Raging Torrent, p. 20 under “Ba’asha . . . ” and p. 26). A long version of Shalmaneser III’s annals on a stone tablet in the outer wall of the city of Aššur refers to Jehu in col. 4, line 11, as “Jehu, son of Omri” (Raging Torrent, p. 28; RIMA 3, p. 54, A.0.102.10, col. 4, line 11; cf. ANET, p. 280, the parallel “fragment of an annalistic text”). Also, on the Kurba’il Statue, lines 29–30 refer to “Jehu, son of Omri” (RIMA 3, p. 60, A.0.102.12, lines 29–30).

In Shalmaneser III’s Black Obelisk, current scholarship regards the notation over relief B, depicting payment of tribute from Israel, as referring to “Jehu, son of Omri” (Raging Torrent, p. 23; RIMA 3, p. 149, A.0. 102.88), but cf. P. Kyle McCarter, Jr., “‘Yaw, Son of ‘Omri’: A Philological Note on Israelite Chronology,” Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 216 (1974): pp. 5–7.

Quote from Rasmussen, Carl G. Zondervan Atlas of the Bible — Revised Edition. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2010, p. 162.


New Teaching/Devotional Series

Today (Thursday 19 April) is the last day to register for @WayneStiles’ new website where you can experience virtual tours to Bible lands! Learn more:

Wayne Stiles has initiated a new on–line series of teaching/devotional videos.  The first of three, dealing with “Passion Week” is now available.  Each is about 15 minutes long.

Wayne’s expertise and exegetical skills in relating the Bible and the Land to everyday life are second to none!  The content of the videos is excellent, and they are well–produced and the photography (in the land of the Bible) is splendid!

16 HD 3-4 Minute Drone Videos of Israel

To date (29 April, 2015) Amir Aloni has posted 16 3-4 minute HD videos of Israel on Vimeo.  These were taken using a drone!  (If you want to see one of the drones in action click here and view at 0:05).  These are amazing!  His 16 titles include:

  1. Qumran Caves
  2. Spring 2015 in the Jordan Valley
  3. Herodion National Park
  4. The Green Desert
  5. A Greek Orthodox Epiphany Ceremony at the Jordan River
  6. Migdal Tseded-Rosh Haayin
  7. 669 Rescue Unit of the Israeli Air force
  8. Shokeda Forest 2015
  9. Eritreans Celebrate Epiphany
  10. Tomb of Samuel the Prophet
  11. Israel Dead Sea Rivers Flood
  12. Southern Negev and Arava
  13. The Dead Sea
  14. Tom-mismeret
  15. Dead Sea & Judean Desert
  16. Megilot Rescue Unit in Judean Desert

An Interesting New Testament Exegetical Blog

Recently I have stumbled upon the blog of Philip J. Long Reading Acts.  I thought it would be the book of Acts 24/7, but right now he seems to be progressing through the gospels.  It looks like he has written A LOT over the past five or so years (sorry I missed it!#@!) beginning in Acts but has moved through the whole New Testament.  (I still to do a lot of keyword searching to find out all the goodies that are hidden in his site)

I have found his posts scholarly and accessible and it has been “fun” to think about the interesting exegetical and critical topics that he brings up!  He has 2, 281 followers—I’m impressed, given the topics that he discusses.

You may be interested in checking out his blog—he may stimulate your thinking (or as my Professor/Colleague Anson Rainey used to say: “let me enrich you with some new uncertainties”).

Detailed Digital Map of Greco-Roman World on Line

Chuck Jones at the Ancient World on Line has drawn our attention to the fact that a marvelous digital map of the Grec0-Roman World, with roads!, is now on line.

This map by Pelagios is based upon the Barrington Atlas.

Pre-1948 Movies of Palestine/Eretz Israel!

The folk over at Israel’s History – a Picture a Day have noted that  85,000 films of the “giant newsreel archive, British Pathé” are now available to the public. These “. . . include newsreels from Palestine prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948.”

See for example the 8 minute silent video of a variety of scenes from the land in 1940(!) including a sea plane landing on the Dead Sea (at 4:38 min.) and scaffolding at the entrance of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher—including the famous “immovable ladder” (at 5:38 min.).

Google Earth: “Fly” to an antiquity site quickly!

Uppsala Universitet (Olof Pedersen) has posted a Google Earth ANE.kmz file that contains the makings for 2500+ antiquity sites from Greece through Pakistan—including 400 with ancient names (“ANE Placemarks for Google Earth”).

This tool is a “boon” to be able to quickly find antiquity sites using Google Earth!

HT: Marc Cooper – ANE-2 at Yahoo! Groups.