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Why Not A New Year’s Question, Instead of a Resolution?

It is that time of year when many of us think about making “New Year’s Resolutions”—only to find that after the third week in January we have forgotten all about them (sigh)!

One resolution that some make is that “I will read through the Bible in One Year.”  And so, they print out a year schedule.  If they follow it, they will indeed read through the Bible in a year.  BUT, I think almost all folk miss a day or two and then get frustrated and give up on the whole “project.”  So why not ask the question How can I read through the Bible in a Year?”

I have found a reading program that helps me avoid the above frustration and that keeps me on track.  It is based upon 5 days of reading each week—instead of 7.  That way I have found it is easier to “catch up” when necessary.  This reading program includes both the Old Testament and New Testament readings each day, and about 3 Psalms a week.  It is arranged chronologically so this means, for example, that when you are reading Ezra and Nehemiah, you will also be reading Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi—and some post-exilic Psalms.  I like this!

The folk over at have produced such a 5–day a week reading plan on two, 8.5 x 11 inch, sheets.  It can be downloaded free of charge in pdf format HERE.

They write:

This special Bible reading system allows you to read the entire Bible (or just the New Testament) in one year while only reading five times a week. Five readings a week gives room to catch up or take a needed day off, and makes daily Bible reading practical and do-able. Many people have successfully reached their goal of regular Bible reading using this schedule. Further, reading the Bible in chronological order (even the Psalms have been placed chronologically when possible) aids understanding of the Bible story, and helps the reader to look
forward to reading God’s Word.
Even if you have to “drop out” for some reason, just begin at the week of the year that you are in.  Because of these features, I have found the 5-day plan to be very useful and do-able.

Encountering the Holy Land — A New 13-Lesson Series


I am pleased to announce that Zondervan has released a 13 lesson video Encountering the Holy Land: A Video Introduction to the History and Geography of the Bible.

We filmed this series on-site in the Holy Land, and Zondervan has richly enhanced the series with video footage from Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Greece, and Italy!

You are invited to view Lesson One Introduction to the Middle East that introduces the “playing board” of biblical history (18 min).

It is an on-location visual overview of the lands of the Bible designed for students, Bible study groups, adult learners, travelers to the lands of the Bible, pastors, teachers, and all lovers of the Bible.  I hope that viewers will develop a deeper appreciation for the Bible by understanding the lands and cultures in which it was written.

The first lesson introduces the “playing board” of biblical history, followed by lessons arranged historically that begin with Eden and trace the historical progression of the Old and New Testaments. The video study provides an engaging, accurate, and faithful companion to God’s Word–illuminating the text with footage filmed in the Holy Land and Egypt. This set of lessons provides an in-depth visual overview that will help viewers experience the geography and history of Scripture with unprecedented immediacy and clarity.

Throughout Encountering the Holy Land, I lead viewers through the Holy Lands to illuminate the geographical and historical context of biblical events. I hope it will become your favorite guide to biblical geography and the history of the Bible.

It is available in multiple formats including DVDs and Streaming.

Todd Bolen has published a Review of the Video that can be viewed Here.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 – Introduction to the Middle East (18 min)

2 – Pre-Patriarchal Period, Patriarchs, and the Egyptian Sojourn (16 min)

3 – Exodus and Conquest (22 min)

4 – Settlement in the Land of Canaan (22 min)

5 – Transition to the Monarchy: Samuel and Saul (19 min)

6 – The United Monarchy: David and Solomon (20 min)

7 – The Divided Kingdom and Judah Alone (15 min)

8 – Exile and Return (16 min)

9 – The Arrival of the Greeks, Maccabean Revolt and Hasmonean Dynasty, and Early Roman Rule in Palestine (16 min)

10 – The Life of Christ (24 min)

11 – The Expansion of the Church in Palestine and the Journeys of Paul (25 min)

12 – The Seven Churches of Revelation (13 min)

13 – Jerusalem and the Disciplines of Historical Geography (18 min)