Aizanoi (Turkey) — A Monumental Site — Visited by Paul?

Aizanoi (Aezani, modern Çavdarhisar) is a site that is located 170 mi. southwest of Ankara (as “the crow flies”).

Temple of Zeus at Aizanoi

One of the best-preserved temples of the ancient world is located there as are the impressive remains of a stadium, theater, bathhouse, meat market, etc.

View looking east inside of the huge subterranean cellar that runs under the whole temple.

Some have suggested that the female mother deity, Cybele, was worshiped here. Others suggest that this arched cellar was used for storage. In any case, it is well–preserved!

View looking north down the length of the stadium toward the theater. Note the raised area on the right and left of the image—the seating area of the stadium. The outside wall of the theater can be seen in the distance!

This arrangement of stadium plus theater combination is almost totally unique to Aizanoi—the only other combination known to this author is found at New Testament Jericho in Israel/Palestine (built by Herod the Great 37–4 B.C.).

Theater with the connecting Stadium beyond.

Aizanoi is a very large Roman site located on the banks of the Penkalas (today Kocaçay) river, a tributary to the Rhyndakos.

Dr. Mark Wilson states that “Paul probably passed through the Greco–Roman city of Aizanoi while passing through Mysa on his second journey to Troas (Acts 16:8)” Biblical Turkey — A Guide to the Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor, p. 161.

For additional High Resolution image of Aizanoi Click Here.


2 responses to “Aizanoi (Turkey) — A Monumental Site — Visited by Paul?

  1. Really interesting photos!

  2. Wow! the Temple of Zeus is in a remarkable state of preservation. Much better than the Temple of Zeus in Athens. Great pic with the green grass and blue sky in the background!

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