Seldom Visited Aqueduct at Caesarea

The High Level aqueduct at Caesarea Maritima is a site usually visited by tour groups to Caesarea.

Aqueduct Junction  — Note how one part turns left while the other channel continues straight.  Eventually, both sections lead to Caesarea.

But only 3 mi. [4.5 km.] to the north-northwest of Caesarea is a very well preserved portion of that same aqueduct—at the Israeli town of “Bet Hannanya.”

On the right, a Latin Inscription mentioning the the Roman Emperor Hadrian (ruled AD 117-138)

To visit the aqueduct, drive north on Route 4 from Caesarea.  Turn left (west) at the Bet Hannanya intersection, and left again toward the village.  The road passes right through the aqueduct—it is only two minutes from Route 4!

To view additional images of this aqueduct Click Here.


5 responses to “Seldom Visited Aqueduct at Caesarea

  1. Carl, thanks for the photos and info about how to get to the aqueduct junction and the Hadrian inscription. I think there is a replica of the inscription in the Ralli Museum at Caesarea. Also, I am delighted to learn about the new road leading to Yodfat. This is definitely on my bucket list. Hopeful you will post more new info. Did you get to Khirbet Kana?

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  3. Thanks for the wonderful photographs
    Pete at Lostcamels expeditions

  4. Thanks to your directions, here are the coordinates to plug in and then use with Google Streets view: 32.53216469461981, 34.92637972373046

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