2 Videos of Kenyon’s Excavations at Jericho

Almost all visitors to the Holy Land will visit the site of Tell es–Sultan = OT Jericho of “walls–come–tumbling–down” fame.  Typically, mention is made of Dame Kathleen Kenyon’s excavations, the trenches of which, and the Neolithic Tower are still visible (see end of post).

The folk over at the Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs project have posted two videos of Kenyon’s excavations (1952–1958).  FWIW/IMHO, the simple modern graphics and sound track help set the stage for the “hard core” film and photos.

One is an 8 minute video of the excavation from the “WesternPerspectives.”

This one includes footage of getting to the tell, the daily life of the excavators, the excavation in progress, Kenyon’s personality, a riot in the nearby refuge camp, boat races on the Dead Sea, partying deep into the night, preference for Gin, and rolling the Land Rover she was driving after a party.  Hmm.

The other video is from “Local Perspectives“—6 minutes long.

This one includes selecting and paying workers, relations with the local refuge camp (remember this is in the 1950’s!), working at the tell, lunch breaks, partying with the locals, questions about (western) women driving and wearing slacks, and even a picture of Father de Vaux!

Tell es–Sultan = OT Jericho, from the west looking southeast.  Palestinian Refuge Camp in foreground—now destroyed.  Click on Image to Enlarge and/or Download.

Kenyon’s West Trench.

Neolithic Tower.

For 16 High Resolution images of Jericho, including the interior of Elisha’s Spring,  Click Here.


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