GezerMapOne of the most interesting archaeological sites in Israel is Tel Gezer.  Gezer is situated along the eastern branch of the International Highway (aka The Via Maris) and guards the entrance to the Central Hill Country (territory of Benjamin and Jerusalem and to the north Ephraim).  It is mentioned 14 times in the Old Testament and was of such importance that it was fortified by King Solomon.

Here is the account of the forced labor King Solomon conscripted to build the LORD’S temple, his own palace, the supporting terraces, the wall of Jerusalem, and Hazor, Megiddo and Gezer.  (NIV; 1 Kings 9:15).

After discovering six-chamber gates at Megiddo and Hazor, that were dated to the days of Solomon, Yigal Yadin suggested that William Dever, in the 1960’s the excavator of Gezer, reopen R.A.S. Macalister’s so-called “Maccabean Palace” that looked like it might actually be another six-chamber gate—like those at Megiddo and Hazor (1 Kings 9:15).


The six-chamber gate that is located on the south side of Tel Gezer.

View looking south at the area of the “Solomonic Gate” on the south side of the mound of Gezer.  The area at the bottom of the image is inside the ancient city, while the top half of the image is outside the city.

In the center of the image an ancient drain is visible that led water and waste out of the city — draining from bottom to top of the image.  The drain runs right through the center of the city gate — it was of course covered with paving stones in ancient times.

If you look carefully, you will notice that stone foundation walls on one side of the gate are matched by foundation walls on the other side of the gate.  There were actually three rooms on each side of the gate — yielding a total of six “rooms” in the gate area.  Traffic in and out the city traveled on a paved street, which was above the drain.

According to the initial thoughts of the excavator, Dr. William Dever, the gate dates to the period of King Solomon (970–931 B.C.).  From 1 Kings 9:15 note how Solomon fortified Hazor, Megiddo, and Gezer.


William Dever (right) hosting Yohanan Aharoni (center) at Gezer in the spring of 1967 when we were digging at Gezer. This was the beginning of the re-investigation of the “Solomonic Gate.”

Steve Ortiz and Sam Wolff completed their excavations of structures to the west of the gate in 2018.  One of their goals is to attempt to clarify the dating of the six-chamber gate.


7 responses to “Gezer

  1. Richard K. Osborn

    It would be helpful if we could know just how these gates were opened and closed. Is there any evidence which sheds light on how the gates themselves (wooden?) were designed, and how they functioned?

  2. *Great questions — I will try to respond with some illustrative material in my Monday blog post.

  3. Carl, Nancy and I tried to get to the site last March, but could not find a paved road all the way to the location. Is the only way to get there via foot or 4-wheel drive? We drove around the kibbutz to the southeast and could not figure how to get there. Since we a had an Israeli rental car, I didn’t want to do damage to the vehicle. We are trying to find additional people for the study tour with Dr Caessens in June. If we actually go on that trip (it all depends on whether enough people apply), then we will probably stay a few extra days to visit places like Gezer.

    • Dennis, to get to Gezer enter Karmei Yosef proceeding east off of route 44. At the first roundabout take the street north to where there is a barren parking lot (it is paved up to here). Proceed through the always open gate. Follow the dirt road to the tell. We do this with buses all the time, so a car is no problem—just proceed slowly. There actually is a parking lot on the top of the tell. If you go on Dr. Caessen’s trip I am sure she will take you to Gezer!

  4. Thanks Carl. This is great. BTW, the trip with Dr Caessen is a go. Just found out today. It will be a tour of Jordan, so don’t think she’ll take us to Gezer on this one. Thanks, again. Craig

  5. Nice post. But Drs. Ortiz and Woolf are no longer digging at Gezer. 2018 was the final season.

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