Sea of Galilee lowest in 97 years

Ynetnews has an article “How low can you go: Sea of Galilee lowest in 97 years.”

Visually, compare the water–levels at the Church of the Primacy, that is located on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee, during non–drought and drought years.

Staircase on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee during non–drought year.  Note the water of the Sea of Galilee lapping at the foot of the Staircase.

Compare the same area in recent years:

The same area during a time of drought. Note the same Staircase and the distance to the shore of the Sea of Galilee (on the right side of the image)

A statement put out by the authority said that last May’s recording showed the lowest water level since May 1920, when official measurements of the Sea of Galilee were first recorded.

The Sea of Galilee’s dire condition was made worse in recent years, due to a rare, four-year sequence of droughts in the north, which have caused water pumping from the Sea of Galilee to almost completely stop.

According to the article, the water level of the Sea of Galilee now stands at -214 meters!  FWIW — in the day’s of Jesus (aka Second Temple Times) the level, based upon the level of harbors from this period, was two meters higher—at -212 meters.

2 responses to “Sea of Galilee lowest in 97 years

  1. Wow, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of june 2017, of the drought and the non-drought pictures of the stone steps at the sea of galilee, where I walked last year in July, way out on the dry beach. I had no idea when I was there, that the water is normally right up to the steps! I excavated at Magdala for two weeks and had one glorious week all alone with the Lord in my car, speeding to as many sights as possible. You are living a dream, as far as I’m concerned… being able to visit so many sights and having such biblical and historic knowledge! Thank you for sharing!! Marcia DeWolf

  2. So glad you “checked in” and that you had a great time at Magdala. It is a very special place: the site, and especially the people!

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