Free Zondervan Atlas of the Bible Images

Greetings.  In June of 2010 Zondervan published a new, completely revised edition of my (now titled) Zondervan Atlas of the Bible.  To assist those who are using the atlas in a variety of classes, I have posted all the images that are included in the atlas.

Wadi Ram/Rum (Jordan) — Page 63 in Zondervan Atlas of the Bible

These images are available as free downloads for individuals to use in their private presentations—for reasonable rates for commercial publication please contact me directly.  Here is the link to the pictures.  Click on the folders on the left side of the page.  The folders are geared to the chapters in the Atlas.


Click Here to view the Atlas at, for the Kindle Version,  or Here for an electronic version.


One response to “Free Zondervan Atlas of the Bible Images

  1. Wow. Your photos are some of (if not *the*) best out there for use in classroom teaching. Thanks for doing this.

    I wish I had had these last summer when I taught ancient Israel … 😉

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