2,800 year old Wall Collapsed — Tel Dan

Dan is the name of a town mentioned 27 times in the Old Testament. It was located on the northern boundary of Israel and appears in the well–known phrase “from Dan to Beersheba.” It is located near one of the powerful springs that feed the Jordan River.

The collapse of the Iron Age Wall (think divided monarchy/Northern Kingdom) is visible on the right. See below for prior to the collapse.

In December of 2016 it was reported that an ancient wall had collapsed at Dan due to heavy rains in the area.  We visited Tel Dan in January 2017 and I took the above picture of the damage—sigh!  See the following picture for the wall prior to its collapse.

Iron Age Gate and Wall — prior to collapse (right side of image).

There were confused reports as to where this wall was.  In fact, it was east of the famous Iron Age (1000–586 B.C.) gate in the center of the image above—not the early Middle Bronze II gate that is located on the east side of the tel, not on the south side of the mound (MB II Gate dates to ca. 1750 B.C.—see below).

View looking west at the outside of the Middle Bronze II city gate (ca. 1750 B.C.). It dates to the time of — or shortly after — Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. — No collapse here!

For 23 images of Dan Check This Out.

The Arabic name of this large 50 acre [20 ha.] site is Tell el-Qadi. Avraham Biran excavated here since 1966.


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