The Martyrium (Memorial Chapel) of Philip at Hierapolis (Turkey)

Hierapolis is mentioned only once in the New Testament (Colossians 4:15) where Paul states that Epaphras was working there and in nearby Laodicea.

Memorial (Pilgrimage) Church Dedicated to Philip

Early Christian tradition states that Philip, along with his daughters, settled at Hierapolis.  It is probable that Philip the Apostle (= disciple of Jesus) is the actual person, although a confused tradition suggests that it was Philip the Evangelist (see his activities in the book of Acts).

Pilgrims’ Path Leading Up to the Martyrium of Philip

Tradition also states that Philip was martyred and buried here at Hierapolis.  On a hill northeast of the city a Martyrium—a memorial that was a focus of pilgrimage—was built in the fifth century AD.  In July 2011, the excavator, Francesco D’Andria announced that he had discovered the very Tomb of Philip in the vicinity.

Recently I have posted 18 high-resolution images of the Martyrium of Philip.  Click Here to view.


One response to “The Martyrium (Memorial Chapel) of Philip at Hierapolis (Turkey)

  1. I hate to debate with someone who certainly knows a lot more about this than I do, but I believe that the Philip that was historically associated with Hierapolis was NOT Philip the Apostle, but Philip the Evangelist, mentioned in Acts several times. Mixing the two up was an error in the past and seems to continue to this day. The most ancient texts we have about the death of Philip in Hierapolis make it clear it was the Philip from Acts 21. See Eusebius Ecc Hist 3.31.5 for the details.

    Of course, this is not absolute proof it was not the Apostle Philip who died there. Maybe all the stories are wrong. But it seems clear that the earliest traditions place the Philip with four daughters at Hierapolis and have simply been mistaken when they identified him as the Apostle, not the Deacon/Evangelist mentioned repeatedly in Acts.

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