Mysterious Bridge

Many of you have traveled across the Aijalon Valley (where the moon stood still; Joshua 10:12) and have seen the massive bridge that crosses the valley.


High Speed Railroad Bridge across the Aijalon Valley.

The folk over at Ynetnews have posted an informative article, “Travelling the tracks to connect Israel’s largest two cities,” that describes the bridges and tunnels for the high speed railroad from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  It will only take 28 minutes for the journey at speeds up to 100 miles per hour!


Aijalon Bridge Detail — Photo: Sasson Tiram

There will be 35 miles of track, 5 tunnels, 10 bridges, and a 2,000 person civilian nuclear shelter.  The Jerusalem train station is 260 feet under ground and 3 elevators will transport passengers to and from the platforms.


One of the tunnels waiting for track to be laid — Photo: Sasson Tiram

The railroad line is supposed to open in 2018 (we’ll see).  Additional photos and descriptive material can be found in the article.  If you have ever wondered about the details of this railroad line, check out the article—about a 5 minute read.


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