The Synagogue at Kh. Umm el-Amud (Lower Galilee)

Khirbet Umm el-Amud is a site located in Lower Galilee.  Here there are remains of a village that existed from the Second Temple into the Byzantine Periods (unexcavated) and the remains of a synagogue (excavated) that dates to the third-fourth centuries A.D.

Synagogue at Kh. Umm el-Amud

The synagogue has one column stranding and thus the site is called “the ruin of the mother of the column” in Arabic.  The ancient name of the place is not known.

Lion Lintel at Kh. Umm el-Amud

Among the scattered remains is a large broken limestone lintel on which a pair of lions is carved.

Jesus may have passed by this site on his trips between Cana of Galilee and Capernaum.  For a panorama view of this road Click Here.

For a map and additional images Click Here.


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