The Old City of Jerusalem

The “Old City” of Jerusalem is well–known to visitors to Israel, but not everyone will climb to the top of the “Citadel” at the Jaffa Gate.  This past summer I was there on a rather clear day and I thought I would share this photo.

old-city-roof-topsView looking down and northeast from the top of the “Citadel” at Jaffa Gate.  From left to right, note the two large gray domes of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and its bell tower.  The large tower, just right of center, is that of the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.  Below it, to the right is the “silver dome” of the Church of Saint John the Baptist.  In the lower left quadrant, the rectangular Pool of the Patriarch’s Bath is partially visible.

Along the skyline, on the Mount of Olives the tower of the Augusta Victoria Church is visible as is the tower at the Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus (the tower in the center of the skyline).



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