An Interesting New Testament Exegetical Blog

Recently I have stumbled upon the blog of Philip J. Long Reading Acts.  I thought it would be the book of Acts 24/7, but right now he seems to be progressing through the gospels.  It looks like he has written A LOT over the past five or so years (sorry I missed it!#@!) beginning in Acts but has moved through the whole New Testament.  (I still to do a lot of keyword searching to find out all the goodies that are hidden in his site)

I have found his posts scholarly and accessible and it has been “fun” to think about the interesting exegetical and critical topics that he brings up!  He has 2, 281 followers—I’m impressed, given the topics that he discusses.

You may be interested in checking out his blog—he may stimulate your thinking (or as my Professor/Colleague Anson Rainey used to say: “let me enrich you with some new uncertainties”).


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