Find the Images You Want — Quickly

Have you ever been studying a biblical passage, preparing a Sunday School lesson, a sermon, or a classroom lecture and were wondering if there might be some nice images of places that you are interested in that could be useful for your studies or classes?

Now you can easily find what is available on my web site by checking our new Topical Easy Find.

In Topical Easy Find I have chosen from our data base of over 4,100 images those that are related to a variety of important topics.  For example, if you are studying the First Missionary Journey of Paul, I have assembled images that are related to that topic. All you need to do is click to find/view what is available.   As always, you are welcome to use our images in your personal PowerPoint presentations—if you could give credit (and/or a link) to that would be appreciated.

Current “topics” in Topical Easy Find include:

  • Places mentioned in the Gospels
  • Paul’s First Missionary Journey
  • Paul’s Second Missionary Journey
  • Paul’s Third Missionary Journey
  • The Seven Churches of Revelation 1–3
  • Solomon
  • The Early Bronze Age (3150–2200 B.C.)
  • Intermediate Bronze Age (2200-2000 B.C.)
  • Middle Bronze Age II (2000-1550 B.C.)

I am constantly adding to Topical Easy Find so if you have a topic, person, or event that you would like to see there, just let me know via the form below and I’ll try to move your request to the top of my to-do-list.

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