“Palestine” circa 1945 – British Police

Our friends at Israel’s History — A Picture a Day have drawn our attention to an 18 minute film entitled “Palestine Police” made available by Colonial Film – Moving Images of the British Empire.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 5.55.52 PMThe first 5 minutes of this film presents life in Palestine circa 1944/5 with movie footage from all over the country—including a threshing floor.  The final 13 minutes of the film describes life for the British Palestine Police force in an attempt to recruit able bodied men.  As one interested in almost all things related to this land I found it very interesting to see some aspects of the life of the British in the Holy Land (Tagert Forts, Patrols on Lake Galilee, Camel Patrols, the King’s Birthday, etc.).

However it was interesting to see that no mention was made of riots, assassinations, etc.!@#@!  The film would lead you to believe that the police force was mainly concerned with smuggling and illegal immigration.  Also, all the “mixed patrols” consisted of ONLY two parties: British and Arabs—hmmmm—I wonder why Jews were not included in the “patrols?”

IF you watch this film, or even if you don’t, please “expand” the “ANALYSIS” section on the right hand side of the screen—it is very informative.

Some of the Palestine Police force never made it back to the UK, and are buried in the cemetery on Mount Zion—recently desecrated and Here (sad!)


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