Qumran: Where it Began (Cave 1) & Ended (Cave 11)

Most visitors to Qumran are familiar with Qumran Cave 4—since it is conveniently located near the antiquity site of Qumran.

Cliffs north of Kh. Qumran where Cave 1 is located

However, Cave 1, where the first 7 (almost) complete scrolls were found in 1947, is rarely visited.

Entrance to Cave 1

A bit to the north of Cave 1, along the same line of cliffs, is the more accessible Cave 11.

Entrance to Cave 11 — The last of the Qumran Caves that yielded texts.

Here, in 1956, 21 additional texts were discovered, including the longest of the Dead Sea Scrolls—The Temple Scroll (26.7 ft. [8.2 m.] long).  This is the last cave in the area of Qumran where scrolls were discovered.

For additional images of the Caves and of Qumran Click Here.


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