Sepphoris Synagogue Zodiac

In 1993, while doing construction work on the north side of the site of Sepphoris (3.5 mi northwest of Nazareth), workmen discovered the remains of a synagogue that dates to the fifth century AD.

Sepphoris Synagogue Mosaic

Although the walls of the synagogue had been destroyed, its mosaic floor was quite well preserved.  The main part of this floor consists of seven panels that include scenes from the life of Abraham and Sarah, a Zodiac(!), representations from the tabernacle/ temple, the life of Aaron, and objects associated with the synagogue.

Sepphoris Synagogue ZodiacThis is one of the seven synagogues that features a zodiac in its mosaic carpet!  The relevant (difficult to answer) question is, why is it here?

To reference important articles and images of the Sepphoris Synagogue Click Here.


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