Pillaging the West Bank?

There is an interesting article in The Atlantic entitled “The Biblical Pseudo–Archeologists Pillaging the West Bank” by Dylan Bergeson.  The article features the views of Raphael Greenberg who is critical of “biblical archaeology” as well as the “Archaeology Department of the Civil Administration.”  Scattered throughout the article are references to Randall Price—and less prominently to Vendyl Jones.

What I found particularly interesting was the role of Hananya Hizmi who is the “Staff Office for Archaeology” for the “Archaeology Department of the Civil Administration” of the West Bank/Occupied Territories/Judea and Samaria.  The article implies that he has almost complete control over the issuing of licenses to dig in this area as well as control over the artifacts that are found in the excavations.  The article is not written from a bias-free perspective and is long, but I thought others might find it interesting.


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