The Kishon River to Live Again

The Kishon River is well-known to readers of the Bible in conjunction with the stories of the prophets Deborah (Judges 5:21) and Elijah (1 Kings 18:40).


Due to pollution that began during the British Mandate and continued up until recent times, the Kishon River became so polluted that it was declared “dead.”  Israel 21c has an interesting article (“Kishon River: From poison to pristine“) on how the river is already making a “come back” and that more restoration is in store for the future.


View looking north, from Mount Carmel, down on the Kishon River, Helkath (?), the western end of the Jezreel Valley and the western end of Lower Galilee


One response to “The Kishon River to Live Again

  1. Reblogged this on beliefspeak2 and commented:
    To Bible readers the Kishon Stream stirs heroic images as the article mentions. During Old Testament times this stream would swell with melt waters in the springtime and become a raging river while in summer months it might have been completely devoid of any flow. Here the Kishon is set in modern times.

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