Avdat Waterfall with Water

This is the last post on “water in the wadis.”  On 10 January we were at En Avdat and the nature walk was closed but the upper viewing area was open.  The following photo was taken on that day — a day after the rain had stopped.  Be sure to see the video link from 2010 at the end of this post!


Upper “Waterfall” at En Avdat on 10 January 2013
Note the brush on the right side indicating that in the days before the water had been higher!


A Serious “Gusher” in January 2010

Click Here to view the video – that begins about 1:13.
HT: James Monson


One response to “Avdat Waterfall with Water

  1. Thanks for sharing the picture. The power of flood waters is immense. It is hard to imagine unless you see great video like this or experience flooding in person.

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