Ritual Baths South of the Temple Mount

Eilat Mazar and her crew have excavated new, and cleaning previously discovered, ritual baths just south of the Temple Mount.

A five-minute video presentation of newly discovered ritual baths and explanation of the large one previously discovered by Benjamin Mazar

Click Here to view the video of the new discoveries and Eilat Mazar’s explanation of the large mikvah.

The very large Ritual Bath discovered by Benjamin Mazar south of the Temple Mount
Click on image to enlarge — and download if you wish

This ritual bath (miqveh) is located in Benjamin Mazar’s excavations south of the Triple Gate of the Temple Mount(Haram esh-Sharif) area.

Its design is very unique. Some have suggested that due to its unique design and large size that the priests may have used it.

For a view of a more typical ritual bath Click Here.

To view over 20 Ritual Baths discovered in the Land of Israel Click Here.


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