Tuesday’s Travel Tip 2 — Notre Dame Wine and Cheese Restaurant

Almost all tour groups will spend several days in Jerusalem.  If you wish to get away for a private/intimate dinner alone, or with friends from Jerusalem, you may want to consider a late afternoon meal at the relatively new “Wine and Cheese Restaurant” on the rooftop of Notre Dame (just north of the New Gate).  The view to the east from there is spectacular: Dome of the Rock, Domes of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Bell Tower of the Redeemer Church, a full view of the Mount of Olives, and even the Hills of Moab in Transjordan!

View from the “Wine and Cheese Restaurant” on the terrace rooftop of Notre Dame.

I suggest arriving in the late afternoon/early evening to enjoy the soft light of the setting sun.

After dinner, check out the “antiquities” on display at the Notre Dame.

Model of artifact from Magdala – on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. In the lobby of Notre Dame. Note the menorah in the center.

Gabi Barkay inspecting an ancient olive press

Detail of ancient olive press

Stone from the “siphon” portion of the aqueduct in the Bethlehem area that led to Jerusalem

Prices (summer of 2012) $17.00 for a steak, $6.00 glass of Merlot, $4.00 for dessert.  On Saturday nights, be sure to call ahead for reservations (actually, you may want to avoid the crowd on Saturday night!).

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3 responses to “Tuesday’s Travel Tip 2 — Notre Dame Wine and Cheese Restaurant

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  2. The steaks are now $30 (Sept. 15).

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