Photography at the Israel Museum

This may be “old news” but today (Saturday 7 July 2012) I took a group to the Israel Museum and much to my surprise they are allowing photography of all their exhibits (at least in the archaeology section, no flash).   A new era has begun!!

5 responses to “Photography at the Israel Museum

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  2. Shoot. And I deleted all the pictures I shot anyway against their rules. Oh, well, hopefully the rules don’t change again before I get back there.

  3. I was happy to snap off several hundred in the hour I had my group there. Thank you, Museum Board.

  4. It has been frustrating trying to find pictures on the web of some of the marvelous items at the Israel Museum. Even though I have been to the museum myself, I was unable to take my own pictures, and that was even more frustrating. Hopefully over the next few years pictures of items in the museum will begin to appear on the web for all to use.

  5. I have mixed emotions. This is great news. Why was this not the policy when I was there in March. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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