Abel Beth Maacah to be Excavated!

Abel Beth Maacah was a town at the very north end of the Huleh Valley—about 4 mi. [6.5 km.] west of Dan.

Abel Beth Maacah

During the reign of David, Joab pursued the rebel Sheba to the town and there the citizens beheaded him after “negotiations” between Joab and a “wise woman.” (2 Samuel 20).

It was along the route, coming from the northeast, through which the Arameans (Ben–Hadad; 1 Kings 15:20; 2 Chron 16:4 [Abel Maim]) and later the Assyrians invaded Israel (Tiglath–pileser III; 2 Kings 15:29).

Abel Beth Maacah has been identified with Abil el–Qamh/T. Avel Bet Maakha (204296).  It is located along one of the major sources of the Jordan River in an area that receives over 25 in. [63 cm.] of rain each year.

It has been recently announced that Robert Mullins (Ph.D. Hebrew University; currently at Azusa) along with colleagues from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem will begin excavating this important site this (2012) year!

To view additional images of Abel Beth Maacah Click Here.


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